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Hope Arthur

Performer and Music Instructor

Hope Arthur is a classical pianist, accordion player, music educator, songwriter, composer and linguist residing in Chicago, IL.

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Hope Arthur (she/they) is a classical pianist, accordion player, songwriter, composer and linguist. Originally from Fort Wayne, IN, Hope moved to Chicago in 2017. While in Fort Wayne she collaborated as a composer with Fort Wayne Ballet, Mikautadze Dance Theatre (MDT), Fort Wayne Dance Collective, and Pyroscope Entertainment - Fort Wayne's premier fire dancing troupe. Additionally, they founded their own orchestra, The Hope Arthur Orchestra, which ran from 2013-2017, creating music for film and dance, as well as releasing their own album of original music.

Since moving to Chicago, Hope has become the accordion player for the punk/absurdist marching band, Mucca Pazza. She continues her piano study under Andy Schumm of the Chicago Cellar Boys, specifically learning the stride piano style of the 1920s and 1930s.  

Hope manages and composes for their band Silbo Gomero (electronic indie/pop duo) and their alter-ego, Serepta (electronic indie/pop solo). 

Hope also enjoys dressing in a traditional dirndl and playing German folk/pop under the name Fr​äulein Hoffnung. 

When she's not busy with practicing, performances and rehearsals, Hope works as a ballet accompanist, a music transcriber and private piano/accordion instructor. With over 15 years of teaching experience, she has worked with students as young as five and as old as seventy. Hope’s approach to teaching and music making aims to be inclusive, to be encouraging to each unique individual, and to highlight the interconnectedness of us all.

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Get in touch to learn more about Hope Arthur, their upcoming appearances, and inquire about rates for music transcription services, bookings or private lessons.

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